Fang Yourong, who had difficulty traveling among the crowds in the hypermarket, was aggrieved。Hypermarkets always choose to make big sales during foreign festivals,Thoughts on taking advantage of Chinese people,Can these foreign festivals not be paid attention to by Chinese people?。

“Don’t sigh。Don’t want to take advantage,What are you doing here,”Xu Yi, who regretted running over, pushed Fang Yourong:“Since it’s here to take advantage, don’t talk coldly,Don’t think how noble you are。”Xu Yi is so depressed,In any case, he is also an accomplished little boss,He should be enjoying the life of petty bourgeoisie with beautiful and elegant girls while he is busy and busy. He actually ran here to snap up big promotional items,If seen by colleagues,His accounting information will be immediately questioned。
Fang Yourong, who was pushed by Xu Yi, also cheered up,Came to take advantage,The same thing,The discount rate is the most exaggerated during foreign festivals。Look at this excitement,Who said the Chinese were Westernized?So keen on Western festivals is not to show excitement and take advantage。
Big price cut, big price cut,This year’s New Year’s gift for parents depends on this one。Fang Yourong, who fully shows the atmosphere of a small family, is holding several down jackets that have been discounted.。Wearing a new down jacket for the New Year is very popular in the county,Avoid the price trap,This price is in line with his expectations。Not reluctant to give the family the best,But there is really no need to make a big price cut,Affordable first!For people like him,This kind of foreign festival is synonymous with promotion and taking advantage of。
Fang Yourong, who showed a little family atmosphere accordingly,Xu Yi, a fake petty bourgeoisie, is also not so noble,Grabbed a big trailer and rushed forward with the surging crowd,Affordable visible,Checking items that cost thousands of dollars before the discount,Happy, he also felt that it’s no wonder Christmas, a foreign festival, is so popular among the people.。It is said that gold rush discounts will be lower when Christmas Eve comes out,The premise is not to be afraid of being stepped on by a crazy woman。
Great harvest,This year’s new year’s goods are completed,Very happy consumption did help Xu Yi relieve a lot of psychological pressure,The process of waiting in line to pay the bill feels boring,A glance at the corner of the eyes of the two chatting,Look at,Look,Met an acquaintance again。
Another line of queue,They saw Li Zhiyuan,For the unusual probability of meeting acquaintances in a huge city,Fang Yourong is used to it。In the crowd,Scan the people next to each other,They nodded politely and looked cold。
No more unfair ridicule,Fang Yourong feels relieved,It seems that Li Zhiyuan has matured a little too。
Xu Yi frowned and looked at Li Zhiyuan who turned away from him.,He pushed Fang Yourong,“That friend named Li Zhiyuan,Don’t contact him。”
What does it mean?When will Xu Yi be nosy?
“I don’t think you and Sheng San were so successful that day,There is no trace of liking in Sheng San’s eyes?In that case,I think Sheng Sandi’s older brother Sheng Zonghe Lu and the others can see that you are acting,Can’t persuade people at all。”
“Sorry,We are not professional。”Fang Yourong was bored for a long time,Then came a sentence。no way,He really likes that Sheng Zegang can be jealous and excited so that he can add some vanity capital,unfortunately,Sheng Zegang is a pretty subtle guy,His passion never shows outside the bed。
Fang Yourong rolled up big bags and small bags, and Xu Yi kept sending him home,Open the door,At a glance, the crystal-clear little tower of his little treasure was actually placed directly on the trellis of the hallway。
The treasured tower was taken out of the safe by Sheng Ze just again,Fang You’s itchy,Sheng Zegang knew that he was“Town Demon Tower”Have very special feelings,Still always bully it,Excessive,He wants to complain!Take off the small tower and hold it carefully in your hand,The partition of this entrance is not strong,Don’t touch it,This is his wealth,His comfort,his family,Fang Yourong, who believes in destiny, likes the peaceful feeling this crystal little fellow brings to him。
Turn around,It is brand new at a glance,The curtains that have been used for two years have been changed,The collapsed quilt was replaced with a brand new luxurious suite。Looked around,The small house is as clean as the new decoration,Unwilling to squat down,Squint carefully at the corners of the floor tiles,Hey,Spotless,It seems that Sheng Zegang is playing big again,Asked his local Filipino maid to come,Well done!
stand up,Open the corner of the new bedding pillow,The small hammer engraved with an unbearable oath that has been placed under the quilt and the first small red envelope cherished under the quilt have not moved away.。Watching them staying quietly,Fang Yourong pursed the corners of his lips in satisfaction。
Turn around and take a look at this little house without a trace of smoke,Sheng Zegang has gone missing regularly again?To make Sheng Zegang too mysterious,Fang Yourong is no longer a matter of getting used to and unaccustomed,Choosing not to spy on Sheng Zegang is not because he has no curiosity,just,The innate curiosity is replaced by this sense of belonging and trust,In a small space,The distance should be kept。as same as him,Sheng Zegang is doing his own thing too,How long will it take to come back this time?