Shengde Academy may be very needed for ordinary geniuses,But it’s not necessary for her。

“Haha,It turns out that Ms. Zhao hid it deeply,I am blind。”Peter smiled awkwardly,Set his eyes back on the square。
Oil head blinded by resentment,I have forgotten the original intention of this competition,He wants to step on these people,Let everyone understand what comes from a big place。
“Zhao Zilong, right?,Come,Attack me,Pick up your strongest power。”Greasy smile,Raised his hand in a seductive motion and said。
Chapter Two Hundred and Six Spicy chicken
When the blood is just right,Who can stand this provocation,Zhao Zilong rushed over all over,Like a tank。
“mock up,Want to meet me at this speed?”You head sneered。
When the opponent’s body rushes,Remove the oil head gently,By the way, I patted Zhao Zilong’s back with a palm,It’s very easy。
No way,Natural suppression,Zhao Zilong has not yet understood the original meaning of Heng Lian,That’s why I was led by the nose like this。
Xia Chenglong can see the shortcomings of the two before he shoots,This is still a battle that knows the end very early。
But whether they will win or lose,Will have a certain impact,A strong man is not incapable of losing in battle,But know how to improve oneself after failure,Break through difficulties。
“Humph,You look like your dream of defeating me will be shattered,But my lord has a lot,I will defeat you with respect。”
Oil head finished,There is strong aura on both palms,Like two scimitars,Exuding a terrifying vibe。
“Yellow rank advanced martial arts,Death Cross!”
Zhao Zilong puts his arms on his chest,He is very confident in his body。
The hand knife appeared in front of Zhao Zilong,Two Qi Blades fell on him,Zhao Zilong, who was originally on the court like a stone pillar, fell to the ground instantly。
The greasy head wiped his forehead unconsciously,Using this level of martial arts is also a big loss for him.,Fortunately, the results are very satisfactory。