Align your eyesight。

Standing there,Middle-aged woman wearing black。
Summer heart,Cold and cold,“Who are you?。”
Nancy Mrs. Jirui laugh,The eyes are not hidden,“You kill my daughter,Also ask who I am?”
Summer is now。
Subsequently said very calm,“That is that she is dead.,You should be very clear,It was that she was looking for death.,Go wrong,Do it wrong,Will pay a price。”
Nancy Mrs. Nanxia,Grievances look at summer,Sharply,“cost?
Since my daughter wants to kill you,Why don’t you let her kill??”
Summer is happy,Shake your head,Rear cold circuit,“What?”
See him,Nancy’s face is more poisonous,“Just relying on my husband is the death of the black,Now,I am always ready for your life.!”
Fall into the voice。
The upper population has five people to take a step forward.。
Everyone has a micro-rush in his hands.,Also quasi-summer and Deng Yufei。
Deng Yufei exclaimed again,Face is pale bloodless,The body is not hidden。
Nancy Mrs. Nago,Laugh,“I know you,People’s world of overlord,so what,I don’t believe you can?”
“Then you can try it.。”
Summer squatting eyes staring at her。
Nancy Mrs. Mrs. Wrinkle,Following and sharp laugh,“I thought I was scaring you?!Hahahaha……”Laugh,Then the screams in the brochure,“shot!Give me a death!Kill!”
In the roaking roaring in the forest,More than 50 gunmen do not hesitate to pull the trigger。
The decisiveness of Nancy Mrs. Nancy is out of the summer.。
But he doesn’t have a preparation。
A thorny cold shot。
Surrounding all people uneven,The heartbeat is stunning。
I saw only half a feet long.,Knife non-knife like sword,Simulation of time and space。
The coldness of the coldness of the cold shrouded this space.。
Next second。
Into the rain,The only one in the world。
Blade disappeared moment,The sound of the broken sound is like a thunder in the air.。
The thorn light flashed a few flashes,Like the limit of torn space。
Found,That is the same as that the sound barrier is generally burst,Like the sky, flying fairy brushed a unable to describe winding。