Tao Jie has a good relationship with Yunxing Entertainment’s Ke Anbang。

This time I came to Tai Chi Country to participate in the three Chinese films of the Busan International Film Festival,One of them is Yunxing Entertainment。
Yunxing Entertainment must also know《love letter》Hot,Then I notified Tao Jie。
In the sun!
Is he here to cut his head?!?
Cui Zhong felt anxious,Hurriedly greeted me,Say hello to Zhu Mei first,Went straight through the crowd,Arrived in front of Shen Huan。
“Student Shen,You just came back!”Cui Zhong pretended not to see Tao Jie,“I have been waiting for a long time。”
In a word, he pointed out that he had already been in contact with Shen Huan。
Of course Tao Jie can hear it,He doesn’t care,“Ha ha,Director Choi,Hello!”
“Oh,It’s Mr. Tao,Why are you here too?”Cui Zhongpi smiles but doesn’t smile,“I remember the Busan International Film Festival this time,There are no films with your stars?”
“No no。”Tao Jie has a casual look,“I just came out to relax,Unexpectedly today at the film festival,I saw the grandeur of our Chinese movies sweeping the crowd!They are amazing,Are you right?”
“Yes。”Cui Zhong could only agree。
“Among the actors,The one I admire most is classmate Shen,I think he is very similar to our Qing Yang。”Tao Jie said with a smile:“Qingyang’s successes and setbacks along the way,May be able to provide him with some help。”