“That’s good,I can rest assured that。”

Qin Liang sat down on another bed,Reached out and pulled Yang Shiyun to his side and sat down。
“Oh my God!It’s late at night!”
Yang Shiyun looked at his watch,Immediately screamed in surprise!
Qin Liang also looked up at the electronic watch hanging on the wall,Sure enough, it was past three o’clock at night。
“Ruined!Tomorrow Yanzi asked me why I was not in the room at night,How can i explain?”
Yang Shiyun’s tangled question。
“Ha ha……It’s not easy to explain?I rescued a girl on the road,Because it is not convenient for me and her to stay in the same room overnight,So you helped me take care of her the whole night,Just tell the truth。”
Qin said with a smile。
“I dress like this,Stay in your room for one night……This is also inappropriate!”
Yang Shiyun looked down at her pajamas,Frowned and said。
“Save lives,There is no time to consider what clothes you are wearing!Moreover,Swallows are not that gossip,She might not even ask you。”
Qin Liang said lightly,He knows Yanzi’s character too well,Among these girls by his side,Apart from kung fu,The swallow is the easiest one to deal with,Also the best one。
Yang Shiyun was shocked,I won’t say anything!It’s already like this anyway,It’s already midnight,Even if I go back now,The same is true,Not much difference。
Two people sat side by side by the bed for a while,Yang Shiyun became sleepy,One yawn after another, the fight is endless。