Zhi Cunjian ‘s body has been cremated, and Aya Yeki will take over and host the Zicun Zoo

Zhi Cunjian ‘s body has been cremated, and Aya Yeki will take over and host the “Zicun Zoo”
On March 29, Japanese artist Shimura Ken died of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus at the age of 70.According to Japanese media reports on April 2, Zhi Cunjian’s body was cremated on March 31, and his ashes have been sent back to his hometown.In order to inherit the legacy of Shimura Ken, his variety show “Genius!””Shimura Zoo” will not change the title of the show, and the former resident guest and Japanese popular group member Ai Yeji will take over as the host.>>> Japanese comedian Ken Shimura died of new crown pneumonia. “Genius!” At the age of 70″Shimura Zoo” has been hosted by Shimura Ken since April 15, 2004. It mainly introduces cute animals and is loved by the audience.Aiba Aki and Shimura Ken have collaborated on the show for 16 years.It is reported that Aya Sayuki received an obituary notice while recording the program, and was very sad, and then issued a post through the office: “Shimura Ken taught me too much, only to thank him, the time spent with Shimura Ken is very precious to me, I just want to have more time to cooperate with him, because he has been helping me with nothing.His gentle smile impressed me deeply.I know that Shimura can’t be relieved to see me like this, but I’m really sad. For Shimura to take a good rest, I will work hard to move forward. I hope Shimura can rest in peace.”Genius!” Originally scheduled to air on April 4.”Shimura Zoo” will be changed to a special two-hour memorial program.Previously, Shimura Ken and Aya Yeki co-hosted “Genius!Zhicun Zoo.Before his death, Shimura also participated in the morning drama “Aid”, the last filming was on March 6.In the play, he plays the composer Oyamada, and is expected to appear in the 25th episode broadcast on May 1.At present, the film has been suspended due to the epidemic situation. The leading actor Watian Zhengxiao said in an interview that he most regrets that he can no longer act with Mr. Shimura.On April 1, Fuji TV also broadcast a special program to commemorate Shimura Ken “Thank you for bringing 46 years of laughter.”It is reported that the average ratings of families in the Kanto region of the show is as high as 21.9%, more than 40 million people watched the whole country.The program broadcasts wonderful clips from such programs as “Draughtsman”, “His Royal Highness Shimura” and “Chicun”, as well as videos of strange characters such as strange uncle and old woman.In addition, many viewers suggested that TV stations can regularly rebroadcast Shimura Ken ‘s classic programs, hoping to see the legendary comedian often active on the screen.Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhang He Wu Dongni Proofreading Wu Xingfa