Just now come out,Zhang Meili briefly introduced the Wenwen,And told the summer plan。

original,Summer still don’t believe。
these years,He didn’t know how many two generations have been seen.,Most of them are on the surface,Stand in the end。
Even some kind of behavior is very bad,Ignition,Attempt,How much not winning on the spot。
In Zhang Meili’s plan,Wen will definitely challenge him,Summer to do,Reject。
Of course not really refused,Instead, one step will introduce the other party in the bureau.,Then mention the conditions,Make a bet with lose。
And this bet,Nature is about cooperation。
And with Zhang Xi Li’s understanding of Wen,Even if the summer is lost,Wen also also carries forward gentleman and knight spirit,Standing at the perspective of winners,Support both parties。
Thus,Almost 100% success。
But see the serious look at the moment, this moment.,And the way,Summer changed ideas。
He is not a traditional morality,But it is not a big deal。
In fact,Summer annoying conspiration account。
Even in his opinion,People like Wenwen,Be a friend is very good。
“I accept your challenge,What do you want to challenge??”
I heard the summer,Zhang Xi Li,http://www.hunterconstrong.cn one side。
Because this does not match the plan。
And she knows,Wenye’s sports talents are extremely good,Almost can be said to be Wenwu Shuangquan。
His hobbies are extremely wide,fencing,Equestrian,boxing,Strike,Waiting for a pretty good level。
Summer although the bodyguards of Luo Qianjin,Perhaps have strength in the fight,Can other items??
“Hey,What are you doing??”
Think here,Zhang Xi Li Yu Mei Wei,Whispering。
“nothing。I just didn’t expect people to have such a person.。”Summer laughing,Some feelings,“Knight spirit,Although I am a foreigner,But the spirit of the Western Knight is also very advocated.,Should not be tarnished by the rib。”
“boring!”Zhang Xili turned over the eyes,“Tell you this way,I am the worst person.?”
“Cough,no,you misunderstood。”
Summer dry cough,I don’t know how to explain,No one knows his deep feelings in his heart.。http://www.fcx315.cn
Seeing two people whispering,The color of Wen is even more lost.,But still high,“fencing,Equestrian,boxing,Strike,Cordless climbing,what can you do?”
“I will all。”Summer also avoids Zhang Xi Li’s eyes,“What do you want to challenge?,I am free to accompany。”
“it is good,Then we will strike more than free……Do not,I am afraid of hurt you freely.,Still boxing。”
The proud and sacred inviolable face,“If you can defeat me,I will give up the pursuit of beauty.,If you lose,I don’t ask you to give up,But I will not give up……”
Look at the other side at this time,Summer mouth squeezed,I don’t know what kind of emotion you should.,Can’t help but ask,“it is good,Just do what you said,correct,What is your constellation??”
Wenyi,Still,“I am a Libra。”
“Oh,I am a shooter.。”Summer road。