The body of the upper body and the lower body are separated.,Bring a large blood flower。

Two cuts fell in the ground。
Everyone in the field is pale,Scalp。
This is the power of the hegemony,Kill the trend。
Dare to kill the killing on the site of others,Stir the ground。
Dark Parliament Hall Three Elders,It is very likely to become a new throne of Humi,Just killed this unrecognizable。
Although the four respected people did not stop,But the expression on their face has become indifferent。
Even is Rand,There is also a complexity between the look.。
They don’t shoot,Not afraid of summer,But there is a deeper consideration。
Killing Beth, they can be indifferent,But kill Huez,It is destroying some of their plans.。
The field is quiet again。
All people’s eyes are concentrated in the summer。
The atmosphere is more downtown and depressed。
for a long time。
One of the old people slowly open,“Stop,See you is the guest,I have helped repair the admiral stick.……Don’t worry about you today,You go.。”
Toned,His eyes emerge in killing,“Next time,Enemies,Do not die。”
Summer is indifferent,No fear,Langde,Faint,“You promised me before……”Rand didn’t speak,Golden scorpion staring in summer,“I promise you the premise,You can’t kill Hip,Since you kill Hipite,Do you think I will tell you??
You are leaving,Don’t get inch。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,So out a breath。
Subsequently, I watched Monica.,The faculty of the face is slightly eased,Rarely laugh。
Then turn around it.。
Treat him,Rand is Monica Road,“Funeral continues,After the end, I came to me.。”
After the end,Not equal to Monica responding,It has entered a building in a building with the four respected people.。
“Respected……”After entering the hall,Rand can’t stand the opening,There are still many questions in his heart.。
“The parliament is not the parliament of the year.。”
One of the old agendo,A touch of exhaustion between eyebrows。
The remains of the remains of the three are more heavy。
“Rand,We will keep you,It is noticeable。”
Another respected Langde,“And these years,Parliament is infiltrated,Now we can’t identify,Who can believe,Who is someone else’s chess。”
What!!Rand is shocked,“Is it so serious??”
“Right,More serious than you imagined。”
The four respected faces are filled with dignity,“Just as everything happened today,Not an accident,Someone pushes hands in secret,Otherwise,Just a big wind wave,Boss and Clan and the last generation of dark knights have no end……Have you thought about it?,Who can order them??”
I heard this sentence,Rand does not commend,“Is it……”“No evidence,Don’t have no doubts。”
One respected waves stop his words,Also,“There are many factions in our parliament.,At the beginning, the elders and the five elders were smashed by Mac.,Send to Huaxia Ning City,In fact, it is also our secret.。
They are the people of the Holy See。”
Holy See!Rand comes again。