“Does Secretary Jiang know??”Peng Changyi quickly asked。

“He must know about such a big thing。”
“Where is Secretary-General He Jin,Where is he?”Peng Changyi asked again。
The reason why Peng Changyi said so,It’s because when I had a discussion with employee representatives,He Jin participated from start to finish。
Liang Hang said:“He is with the leaders,Negotiating with worker representatives。”
Peng Changyi said:“I know the situation,I can’t go back now,The meeting is not over yet,You must pay attention to the safety of leaders,Call me anytime。”
Finished,Peng Changyi took the line。at this time,Another text message comes in,He just glanced,Know the same content,He doesn’t need to watch,Turned off the phone,Because he knows,There will be countless messages and calls coming in。
He went back to the meeting room,People have all returned to their seats,Vice Governor Huang sat on the chair below,Talking with Guan Hao,At this moment,The government secretary came to him,What did you say to him?,Seeing Vice Governor Huang nodded,Then got up and walked onto the podium。
After Vice Governor Huang sits down,He looked in the audience,Speak into the microphone:“Please be quiet,Continue the meeting below……”
Today’s meeting was personally chaired by Vice Governor Huang。
Not for a while,I saw Vice Governor Huang’s secretary walking from the side door to the side of Vice Governor Huang on the rostrum,He handed a note to Vice Governor Huang,After Vice Governor Huang finished reading,The expression on his face immediately became serious,He glanced at where Peng Changyi was sitting,Did not speak,Continue to host the meeting。When it’s time for someone to speak,Vice Governor Huang got up and left his seat,Took out the phone,It is estimated that his phone was blown by Ye Tong。
Yes,That’s what Peng Changyi thinks,Ye Tong came back as a representative of foreign companies this time,Obviously shows the close relationship with Vice Governor Huang,And don’t hide their relationship,The groundbreaking ceremony did not proceed as expected,Maybe Ye Tong is so angry?Peng Changyi’s cell phone is off,The communication of the deputy governor is always open,Even in a meeting,And the secretary does the transfer。
Peng Changyi thought,I guess I will be called out for questioning by Vice Governor Huang in a while,but,Until Vice Governor Huang comes back,Sit back in your seat,He didn’t call out either。
First4chapter Warmth beyond shock
After Peng Changyi saw Vice Governor Huang returned to his seat,Sit down and continue to bow your head and write something in the notebook,He laughed at himself,Thought,How can the deputy governor be at the same level as him?,I can’t keep my breath in an emergency?How can you call him out in a meeting because of such a trivial matter?,It’s not too late to clean him up when the meeting is over。
Peng Changyi thought,Began to feel uneasy,Like a sheep to be slaughtered,Waiting for the knife to fall,Who will speak in the next meeting,What did you say,He basically doesn’t pay attention,Anyway, there are materials in the file bag。He used more of his mind to think about where the problem occurred in his work,Why did the workers suddenly surround the venue?,No signs in advance?
What happened next was really guessed by Peng Changyi,After Vice Governor Huang announced the adjournment of the meeting,Everyone got up and walked out,Peng Changyi also left as if there was nothing wrong,Just listen to Vice Governor Huang said:“Peng Changyi of Langzhu stays。”