Although Hu Lai kept repeating,Try to show off your achievements in front of Chen Xingyi,But this does not mean that he wants to see Chen Xingyi unlucky,I don’t want to see Chen Xingyi just fall like this。

if not,Why did he play so hard in the national competition??
The original strong opponent just sinks,Fell to the bottom,Doesn’t it prove that their embarrassment was like a joke??
Hu Lai wants to pull Chen Xing away,After all, I ate other people’s food,I also received a red envelope for two hundred yuan……
Obviously, Chen Xingyi’s biggest problem now is that he doesn’t work well with the team.,Not only with Zhang Qinghuan,And myself。
Because today’s game is actually the first time he and Chen Xingyi are fighting side by side,Be a teammate。
I just played a game together before,Still as an opponent。
The degree of inconsistency between Chen Xingyi and Hu Lai is actually more obvious,After all, what he and the other players say are getting along for almost a month,Playing and training together。
And when he came,Hu Lai just left to go to the Olympic team training。Until Hu Lai returns to the team after playing the East Asian Cup,I only trained with Chen Xingyi for ten days。
What is enough for ten days of training?
I can’t polish my guns。
I can’t cooperate with each other,Is it true that he brought the ball to Huanglong?,Have you staged a good show of five stages and six generals??
If it’s still a high school game,Chen Xingyi might really do it。But in the professional game,Difficult。