Li Ming must admit,in‘Hit the world’On the realm of,I am not as good as this opponent。

Now he is going all out,It’s just to make one’s golden long stick use the speed advantage to barely block the opponent’s golden long stick。
At the same time, the spear in his hand is constantly attacking the opponent。After all, the opponent in this setting is a very pure controller,Use Li Ming’s melee strength to force him to dodge some of his consciousness,Barely able to maintain。
But Li Ming just barely maintained,After nearly a hundred moves,Li Ming’s golden stick could not be resisted,Smashed by the old man’s long stick。
“boom~”Was bombarded by the goatee old man’s Yan Shen soldiers three times in a row,Li Ming barely resisted with a spear for the first time before,But the arm is already shaking and paralyzed,The second impact caused the spear in Li Ming’s hand to fall,The golden stick ran across his chest。But to be precise,Li Ming’s chest is slightly sunken,Dodge the blow。
Of course, the third bombardment of Li Ming could not be avoided.,I only felt a slight shock in my body,Black eyes,I left the virtual universe。
“Haha~”Li Ming, who appeared on the island of Tongtianqiao plane, took a deep breath。
Break to the ninth floor of Tongtianqiao in one breath,Although I didn’t fully achieve my goal,But it’s not bad。
And crossed the nine-story bridge,I thought I had nine chances to comprehend the Chaos Monument,And over a million points,This gain is very big。
“Mr. Li Ming!”Guardian Bafen looks at Li Ming,I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder in my heart,Just now,There are already more than six Universe Venerables,And seventeen immortal kings asked him for a video of Li Ming rushing through the bridge。
Of course these 23 digits plus one,It’s not as amazing as what the great dragon traveler asked him about。
But think about it,So genius,Even if it’s really accepted as a disciple by the Lord of the Universe,It’s not something completely incomprehensible。
“?”Li Ming looks at the guardian,I feel that the look in his eyes is a little weird。
But Li Ming quickly left the virtual universe,When he wants to come,These thirty years,Take advantage of the special advantages of the original universe。
“Find a suitable one first《Heart Mark Chaos Monument》Secret Code of Practice,In addition, find another body law with the principle of space origin as the core,each other,Combine my demonic clan clone to study。”
“Wait until I fully understand the first three pictures《Knife Mark》,And fully integrate relevant perceptions‘Hit the world’Among,Go to challenge the tenth floor of Tongtian Bridge。Whether successful or not,Go and feel the chaos monument again。”
Just when Li Ming was planning,The Lord of Dragon Walk in the virtual universe,Communicating with another equally great being。