“but,team leader……”Qin Yong was full of bitterness when he saw this scene,A little hesitant,“At that time……Mo Zizhen is also there!”

Xiao Jinshan and Zhang Youan suddenly stopped laughing when they heard this,Xiao Jinshan’s complexion changed,Asked hurriedly,“Isn’t he in the hospital?,Why did you go there suddenly?”
“Yes,But I didn’t expect that today he ran back to the base to breathe……”Qin Yong wants to cry,This is too fucking bad luck!
“What happened then?Did he make a move??”Xiao Jinshan eagerly said,Pale complexion,A faint cold sweat on his forehead,Obviously nervous。
“He didn’t make a move,Because his illness is not healed!”Qin Yong said truthfully。
Xiao Jinshan was suddenly relieved when he heard this,I patted my chest,Muttered:“That’s good,That’s good……”
But he just got half relieved,Qin Yong lowered his head and continued:“but he……His apprentice shot……”
First0461Zhang Gang was driven away
Xiao Jin and others were surprised,Glanced at each other,Are all dumbfounded,Obviously they didn’t know that Mo Zizhen had another apprentice!
“apprentice?His apprentice?”
Xiao Jin asked very surprised。
“Uh,Not his apprentice in name……Because Mo Zizhen just gave him some tips,So it’s a half apprentice!”Qin Yong scratched his head and said。
“Then what about?His half apprentice should not be a problem for you to deal with him?”
Xiao Jin said impatiently,The brothers Zhang Youan on the side also looked at him eagerly and asked。