Chapter Fifty Nine Self-cultivation of scumbag

Hu Lai takes time to enter the system once a day,Look through the task log,See if the task to help Zhang Qinghuan’s prodigal son turn around is completed。
But the system is not moving at all,The mission is still lying quietly in the mission log。
Three days have passed,Zhang Qinghuan is still lying in the hospital ward。
So his plan has succeeded,Still failed?
Hu Lai feels very bottomless。
On the way to the training base in the morning,He uses his cell phone to read the news,I got a piece related to Zhang Qinghuan。
“……Anton Star Club officially announced today that Zhang Qinghuan, who was injured in the game before, has been diagnosed,Sprained ankle,But not serious,No damage to ligaments。Expect to return to the court in ten to fifteen days……This is for Anton Shining Star, who recently suffered from organizational weakness,It’s good news……Zhang Qinghuan is in the 29th round of the league1:0Injured in the defeat of Wuzhou Dongshan,He came off the bench in that game,Assist Hu Lai scored the team’s only goal……
“……After the injury, Anton Shining has not announced Zhang Qinghuan’s specific injury,Once caused a lot of speculation from the outside world,Some people vowed to say that Zhang Qinghuan was seriously injured and reimbursed for the season,It is also said that Zhang Qinghuan may face the ending of early retirement……Although as a once brilliant genius,Now he is Wang Xiaoer for New Year——A year is not as good as a year,But in the fans,Especially among female fans,He still has a high popularity。For such a player who once had high hopes,It was said that he would retire early,Still shocked enough……
“Fortunately, after repeated meticulous inspections,The Flash Star Club finally confirmed that Zhang Qinghuan’s sprain was fine,No damage to the ligaments,Will not bring any hidden dangers to his future career……Many people are relieved。With five rounds left in the league,If he can return to the team in time,And show his performance in the match against Wuzhou Dongshan,The situation of Shining Star’s relegation must be relatively optimistic……”
Hu Lai takes it seriously、Carefully read this news report。
Trying to find some clues from inside,To infer the success of your plan。
But he didn’t get what he wanted。
This is actually a fairly satisfactory media report,For ordinary fans,Maybe it’s quite informative,But for him who knows the inside story,What this article says is equivalent to not saying,No useful information。
After all, it is impossible to deceive Zhang Qinghuan all the time,So always tell him the truth。This news can only mean that Zhang Qinghuan must have known that this is a scam,But how did he react to it?
Did he really change his past,Still continue to give up?