Qin Liang sighed dumbly。

“This is the real Liu Xiaoyun!Lovely girl,Ha ha。”
Yang Shiyun said helplessly……
“You stinky girl!Actually talking to me like this?Swearing?”
“Skin monkey”Also asked in surprise。
“Scold you lightly!I want to beat you up now!I still think how smart you are,You smart ass!Why am I getting more angry the more I look at you now?”
Liu Xiaoyun finished these words,Actually kicked“Skin monkey”Kick!
“by!Didn’t I just say it?!As a last resort!I owe it,Always pay back,You just got kicked by a donkey!”
“Skin monkey”Actually cursed back loudly,But okay,He didn’t mean to act on Liu Xiaoyun……
“Oh,Do you use jail to pay what you owe??You have a brain problem, right?If i were your cousin,I will kill you directly!”
Liu Xiaoyun gets more and more angry,Actually kicked again“Skin monkey”Kick!
“You kick me again, I turned my face with you!”
“Skin monkey”Can’t hold on to face,Shouted loudly。
“Oh shit,You and I turned our faces,Grandma, I just want to kick you,What’s up!”
Who is Liu Xiaoyun??That’s a typical person who eats soft but not hard,“Skin monkey”Not so good,What he said,Liu Xiaoyun is even hotter,Actually kicked the third foot again,And this time the kick is very powerful,Put directly“Skin monkey”Kicked out……
In the monitoring room,Yang Shiyun,Qin Liang and others looked at each other,I don’t know what to say,Liu Xiaoyun is going to make peace“Skin monkey”The rhythm of a fight??