Almost dropped the parachute to where,Where does he start,Use a carpet to deal with nearby enemies,Whether it is a human or a real enemy,He will solve it if he appears around him。

Iron Lan is like an assassin at this time,Hide yourself,Then look for opportunities,Let the opponent solve the battle of Ishigaki,100He also solved the problem5To6Personally。
but,He is safe,He is the safest,That Huang Lei thinks that should be the case,This guy hides himself very well every time he makes a shot,It’s very similar to the teams that Huang Lei met before that only use yin people。
Or hide behind the door,Or hide in the corner,Or hide in the grass,At this time, he is like a cheetah guarding the prey quietly,Wait until the prey appears suddenly and suddenly shot,Solve the other party at once,He can definitely succeed when he shoots。
This is what Huang Lei thinks surprised him。
He has also changed the iron fence,Then I don’t think of him as a man who doesn’t know anything。He is just looking for a game mode that suits him,It looks almost like an assassination model in real society,Like a professional killer,But at the same time, he can protect himself well in the game,Never let yourself be hurt,Maybe the grades are not the best,The number of people solved is not the largest,Definitely someone who can live to the end of the game。
This is also a good start for Huang Lei,I think it’s pretty good,Huang Lei hasn’t met Long Liang’s team yet,I don’t know if there is anyone like Iron Lan in that team,If there is, then this time will be wonderful,This means that there will definitely be sparks between them……
Huang Lei has even imagined the scene in the future,But after thinking about it, I think it’s impossible,Long Liang’s team is more professional,They are all veterans,Their choice should be sunny,The kind of bolder,Is more positive and direct,There shouldn’t be a way to hide yourself like an iron fence,And then make a move。
Occupation determines their character and their way,Huang Lei is so sure of all this。
The specific situation also needs to be experienced before knowing,so far,Huang Lei is just stuck in a conjecture。
But for Huang Lei,Finally gave him a little hope,Before this, there was no chance of winning this game.,It doesn’t look like that,At least he has felt it,Besides him, Iron Lan also worked very hard,This guy will surprise him,The next things should gradually get better and better。
As for other things,Huang Lei doesn’t think about it,They cannot stay in the game for too long,It was originally planned for one week,It’s been more than a week now,It’s been a whole8day,There are only two days left before the game,It’s almost time to go out。
Today, Huang Lei called Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, in front of them.,Tell them it’s time to go out,Only two days,I still need to rest after I go out,Fighting in the game every day,For them, it doesn’t seem to be of much benefit,In fact, they have caused great harm。
So now go out and have a good rest,Good nutrition,Only then can the problem be solved,Otherwise it will be worse in the later stage,As long as the body has a problem,Then there is no need to continue the next game,The previous efforts are in vain。
Huang Lei knows that Xiao Hui and Zhang Bai’s Bai are not willing to go out,so far,They still haven’t made any progress,As Huang Lei said before,The two of them did not improve in the game,This is what Huang Lei saw。
If you have to say how they are different from before,It’s just that the only thing is that they are better now than in the past,Healthier,It used to be just an otaku model,Nest in the house every day,The one that doesn’t even leave the door,Doesn’t seem to be a big problem,In fact, the body really has a problem。