“When is this?”Wang Yufei asked。

“The day before yesterday,Went to class yesterday,Not paying attention。”Lu Yuxin stretched out,Said lazily。
Although this is the best result in the plan,But Lu Yuxin still feels disappointed。
Obviously there is not much passion for doing these things behind the scenes。
“If it was the day before yesterday,Obviously this did not make them aware of the mistake。”Wang Yufei shook his head,Sighed。
“What do you mean?”Lu Yuxin looked at Wang Yufei with interest and asked。
“It means it still didn’t make them feel dangerous,Their attitude is still so tyrannical。When I was talking to Mr. Yu yesterday,He also said that Intel’s negotiators were very tough,Refused to run brain-computer chips on the same platform as Intel’s chips。”Wang Yufei explained。
“What do you think?”Lu Yuxin asked again。
“Since war is declared,Have to make them aware of our existence。While they are in horror in China,We should also do something。We have to let them know that we are not afraid to hit the pot。”Wang Yufei said concisely。
Lu Yuxin’s eyes rolled,Turned his head seriously,Asked Wang Yufei:“Think about it?”
Wang Yufei nodded,Said:“Ok,Actually, after talking to Mr. Yu yesterday,I’ve been thinking,Why can they really be so confident。Then I read some books,I found some history of these companies,I found that these companies are actually the same as Apple,Is bullying。For example, before Intel developed,But yesIBMSubmissive。”
Lu Yuxin asked again:“What are your plans?”
Wang Yufei looked at the girl and asked:“Isn’t this what you are best at?”
Lu Yuxin’s face suddenly bloomed with an extremely happy smile,Said:“Do not!The little girl only has conspiracy and tricks,This kind of big matchup,I must be good at。You have to do it yourself,I can help you out at most。”
Wang Yufei frowned,Ok,Is this girl carrying a burden??Then he said seriously:“If i think about it,There won’t be so many twists and turns,Will only use the simplest way to deal with this matter。”
Lu Yuxin is also serious:“I understand,But we all know,In many cases, the simplest way to deal with can produce the greatest effect!For example, in making others afraid of you。When you learned that Guo Xiaoyi was bullied,Wave a fist at that surname Luo,Is the easiest way,What do you think of the effect?”
Wang Yufei nodded in agreement,Said:“The effect is really good。So the last question,I can’t find any clues in the U.S. Can you contact us about those matters??”