Jiang Fan kissed her back,Hugged her tightly again。

Ding Yi is obviously not satisfied with his coping,Prop up your head with the other elbow,Put your other hand around Jiang Fan’s neck,Look at him,Said:“Jiang Fan,I love you……”
This is a little confession from Ding Yi。There are still tears in her eyes,His lips trembled and touched his,Pry his teeth,Kiss him deeply。
Jiang Fan felt her tears wet her face,He hug her,Kissed her too,But obviously,His kiss is different from before。
Maybe Ding Yi felt his difference,It may be that Ding Yi is really tired of kissing,She kissed him last,He lay back in his arms because of lack of physical strength。She reached out and touched Jiang Fan’s face,Murmured:“Jiang Fan,I don’t want you to deal with me,I want you to love me sincerely。”
Jiang Fan hugged her,Said:“Ok,Ok。”
Ding Yi said again:“Let us still love each other as before。”
“Ok。”Jiang Fan patted her back。
“Jiang Fan……”Ding Yi choked and said:“You know how anxious I couldn’t find you in my dream just now,Originally you took my hand,Then you disappeared suddenly for some reason,I’m standing alone and don’t know where,Want to call you,But can’t shout……”
“Sorry……”Jiang Fan lowered his head and kissed her forehead,Said:“Sorry,I made me lose my sense of security,It is my fault。”
Ding Yi’s tears came out again,She snuggled in Jiang Fan’s arms,Murmured:“I don’t want you to leave me。”
Jiang Fan nodded,Said:“it is good。”
Ding Yi said capriciously:“No matter how much conflict between us two,We don’t want to leave this home,Don’t abandon the other person and run away from home,We can fight,You can ignore anyone,Just don’t let the other party stand alone,Can you promise?”
“Yes,I can。”
Ding Yi said further:“Then you are not allowed to live in the dormitory if you are so upset,it’s OK?”
Jiang Fan said:“I was really busy with work those days。”
Ding Yi doesn’t care about him,Said:“I know,Except work。”
“it is good,I promise you。”