Chen Erniu snorted coldly:“Blind people can see,Have you ever seen him walk in our village holding a girl’s hand before??I’m gonna stick it together this time”

“Just you smart,I didn’t ask you anyway,So you should shut up!”Xia Sanhu glared at Chen Erniu,Said coldly。
Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“Let everything go!I really can’t say this kind of thing。You also know,Qin Xiaomin and I have only been engaged for a few days,Didn’t you ask someone to kick me?”Even though Xia Jian said so,But his heart is very peaceful。
Chen Erniu glanced at Luo Yi who ran to the side to play with the cow:“I think you and her are a good match,I can’t say that it’s a good match there,But I just feel right”
“Erniu is right,I’m feeling it too。If you can do it!Don’t let uncles and aunts worry about you anymore。Didn’t you find out,Are they getting old in the past two years??”When Xia Sanhu said this,,Low tone,It makes people feel very uncomfortable。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I know,But it’s not easy to say sometimes。She isGZGeneral Manager of Longdong Group,And her father is just her daughter,What do you say about this in the future?It’s all a problem”
“You think too much!Current conditions,Easy to go everywhere。You take turns living on both sides,Do both things,It’s no big deal。Big deal,Do anything,Take good care of your family!”
Chen Erniu said the truth,It seems that he hasn’t been in vain in recent years。This is the change of one person,Chen Erniu is a lively example。
“Hey!Why are you standing still,I have to see others”Luo Yi walked to the end and found out that Xia Jian and the three of them had not followed,So she yelled loudly。
Xia Jian greeted Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu quickly。Under the leadership of these two people,Luo Yi went to the chicken farm,Also went to the pig farm。I also stood in front of the glass window of the pork processing plant and looked inside。
Come out,Luo Yi said with emotion:“really not bad,I didn’t expect your small village,Can have such a large-scale breeding plant”
“This is all the credit of Xia Jian”Chen Erniu sighed and said loudly。
Luo Yi was taken aback,She asked in disbelief:“What does this have to do with Xia Jian?”
“Big relationship,He used to be the general manager of a startup group.,But he has always been the head of our Xiping Village。So these projects are developed and introduced by him,And support the development。It can be said that we can have today in Xiping Village,Have a great relationship with him”
Chen Erniu smiled slightly,So I made Xia Jian capable,Revealed it invisibly。Luo Yi,Surprised Chao Xiajian put a thumb up and said:“You really are a wizard,You can do everything”
“You do not know!He was an official”Chen Erniu started talking as he talked。
Luo one by one,Haha said with a smile:“Heard him say,What mayor did he do。But that officer is a bit small,But it’s much bigger than you”
“Official is not big,But he did all the big things,It’s all about serving the common people。Don’t you know,He made our old farmers,Sold potatoes to the United States”Chen Erniu talked about Xia Jian,It’s really talkative。