High performance and Tang Yu stay in North Zhou for a while,It is seen that some doorways are coming.。

“Is the two habits in Chang’an??”
Pretext,Yu Wenyu asked。
This is just a guest.,Where did he care about high-hitting??If you are not used to,That is forced yourself habits!
“It’s very good here.。”
High performance, five words,Even the title of Lianyu Wenzhao does not want to say。
Yu Wenzhi lightly frowns,Allowance in the heart,Of course he can feel it。But that’s okay,Treat the value of useful value,He doesn’t mean it.,This is just a posture.。
“Do you let your Majesty at the door??Don’t forget your identity,You are the prisoner!”
Yu Wenqi did not speak,His congratulations on his side have repeatedly praised a few words.。
This is a white array of colors in the colors of the Tang Yan.。Yu Wenxia is dark in the heart,The surface is not pleasing to He Ruo.:“Let you be protecting,Where is your talk??
If you need your mouth,Military law!”
Said to say this,In fact, it is not a plate.,Put down?
as predicted,I heard this,He Yulu won’t stand the high performance.,Several steps,Let the position of the border。
Look at this,It seems that I don’t care how to say it.。Or,He already understands,Yu Wenzhao is just now“presumptuous”Performance,It is very angry on the surface,Maybe you have a pain in your heart.。
“Go inside,It’s not a place where you speak here.。”
Yu Wenzhen said lightly,Momentum,Can say not angry。
After all, the identity is there.。
Yu Wen’s pro-government,Absolutely affordable“Exquiry”Four words,This is even a high performance,I have to admire。
Everyone came to a simple study,He Ruo, is like the door.,Yu Wenzhao is about to trust him,Don’t care about what he heard?。
“Summer grain is already ripening,After harvesting,I,Intended。
certainly,Is to support you back to the name of the city。”
Yu Wenyi’s words,Although it is not very unexpected,But still let the high performance and Tang Yu ate。
actually,This day will come sooner or later,High performance and Tang Yu are also expected.。only,Time point of this day,Fast than expected。
Tang Yizhen thought it was going to the autumn harvest.,Yu Wenyi will come to find them,did not expect,The http://www.schongji.cn other party actually so anxious。
“His Majesty,I still remember us.,Really let Tang are popular。”
Tang Wei said that it is not humble.。
“Ocean Takaroni,Still in the hands of Gao Bao。this time,We may be able to save him。”
If Yu Wenyi has read the Tang Wei,Do not move。
Almost everyone must forget this person.,He is very strange why Yu Wenzhao will now mention the Son of the Gao Yang.。Hohosheng,I heard that all of the ocean,Gao Boyi has not dealt。
Plug,I have recently used the bookapp,【\mum\mum\read\app\\】Cache,Outline!
Don’t say killing,I have never had it.。
At this point,At least,Gao Boyi is still a person with a bottom line。Although the high performance is standing in the enemy’s perspective,I have to admit this。
This is also the reason why he feels that he and Tang Wei may not do http://www.fjmszx.cn Gao Biyi.。
The other party is not that kind of authority regardless of everything,There is no bottom line of extremely evil,But still can climb to the present position,This shows what?