Zhuang Yong sincerely praised Qin Liang。

“I dare not come,The day before yesterday, Mr. Zhuang sent his servants to go”Gulincun“I don’t talk about visiting,It was given to me by Haishang before‘Kill order”,Also put“Kill order”Delivered to my house,Ha ha……I naturally have to come here to be taught。”
Qin Liang joked and answered。
“what‘Kill order’?”
Zhuang Yong frowned,Look towards Zhuang Hai,And Zhuang Hai turned out to have a blank expression……
“how?Boss Zhuang doesn’t know about this?”
Qin Liang suddenly became confused!
Who is Zhuang Yong?,Dechang underworld leader,The hero of the Megatron,How could he dare not admit what he did……And he even sent people to“Gulincun”I’ve accepted the ambush of Qin Liang,How dare you not admit to sending a threatening letter?!
“Where is your so-called kill order?Show me。”
Zhuang Yong frowned and said。
Qin Liang really kept carrying the strip of paper that was posted on the window of his car.,So I took it out and gave it to Zhuang Yong。
Zhuang Hai immediately leaned forward and took a closer look at the piece of paper with Zhuang Yong,Then look at each other,Did not speak。
“okay,You put it away。”
Zhuang Yong handed over the paper back to Qin Liang’s hands……
“It seems that Boss Zhuang really doesn’t know about this。”
Qin Liang understands……This is another trick in the secret!Zhuang Yong should really not know this。
“Ha ha,Whom does my dealer want to trouble,Just come here,Can’t play this kind of kid’s tricks,I didn’t even dare to leave a signature,This was definitely not done by the Dechang dealer。”
Zhuang Yong said with certainty。
“OK,I can trust you。”
Qin Liang just put the note back into his pocket。