FIBA FIBA launches gifted vote Yao Ming highly oppresses the stars as the first choice_1

FIBA FIBA launches gifted vote Yao Ming highly oppresses the stars as the first choice
Yesterday the FIBA launched a vote on the official social media. The main content of the vote is to let netizens choose an attribute to play basketball. These attributes include Yao Ming’s height, Campazzo’s speed, and Teodoro.Sich’s vision, and Westbrook’s bouncing, there are many netizens who choose the height of Yao Ming.  Will you choose certain attributes?FIBA allows netizens to make choices on social media. There are 4 options, 2.26-meter Yao Ming is naturally a representative of the height. Last year’s basketball World Cup, the short defender Campazzo, who broke through the Argentine team and won the runner-up, symbolized the speed, the European magician Teodosic represented the vision, and the violent physical quality of Wei Shao wasIt is a symbol of bouncing.  Although Yao Ming has been retiring for almost ten years, his outstanding playing skills are still unforgettable. There are many fans who choose the height of Yao Ming. I choose the height!You don’t need speed, and your vision and bounce are certainly good for playing basketball.Give me height.Some netizens said.Some netizens said it would be great if Yao Ming’s height could be combined with Reggie Miller’s projection.  There is no doubt that my first choice is Yao Ming!Height, height cannot be taught.I think these netizens have been affected by the traditional thinking of the NBA, and I think that there is no way to teach the height. This is a real talent.  From the perspective of Yao Ming, it is difficult for other netizens to agree on the attributes of several other players. Campazzo’s speed is only because he is short, so it looks relatively fast.I think Vis’s speed is also very fast, Campazzo’s speed is average.Vis’s bouncing is average, but he knows how to make good use of it.  In fact, Yao Ming not only has height, but his vision and consciousness are also outstanding, and he is up to 2 in height.Among the big men over 2 meters, Yao Ming’s goals and speed are outstanding. I’m afraid only Sabones at the peak can be relatively beautiful, so Yao Ming can achieve good results in the strong NBA. No one in Asia has been able toBeyond him. Original title: FIBA official push to launch talent vote Yao Ming highly pressured the stars to become the first choice