“President Xia!The work in Donggou Village http://www.0335net.cn is going very well,There is one thing I have to ask you。Zhangjiapuzi Village、The two heads of Banpo village came to see me together,Said it was the land of their village,Rent it to us too,That’s it,This acre is too much“Xi Zhen said loudly on the phone。

Xia Jianyi was very happy,He said with a smile:“How much,Zhangjiapuzi、The two villages of Banpo,According to the original standard is,You can ask Zhao Hong and Mayor Ouyang for some questions,Listen to their opinions。Another point,After you finish your work every day,Report the total number of leased land to me,Understand?“
“Understand Mr. Xia!Someone looking for me,End here today”Xi Zhen finished,Hung up the phone。
Xia Jian did not expect,The work on this lease was a bit difficult at the beginning,But it got better and better afterwards。There is only one Liuling Village left,He wants to see how Liu Gui plays this scene。
When Xia http://www.361robot.cn Jian finishes all this,,I found the sky outside the window had darkened。
First0758chapter Soft sleeper
In the dark night,Drive toSDIn the sleeper compartment,Xia Jian and Guo Meili sleep on the lower bunk separately。Originally a soft sleeper for four people,Don’t know why,The upper bunks of the two of them are all empty。
It’s late at night,I don’t know what the hell,There is no air conditioner on such a hot day,Originally a small private room,Don’t talk about lying down,Sitting in it is like baking bread。
Windows are fully enclosed,It’s impossible to let them open。You say sleep with the door open,After all this is a soft sleeper,And this Guo Meili is still female。Xia Jian had already found the conductor just now,Her answer is that the air conditioner in this soft sleeper is broken,I can’t fix it for a while,Let them endure。
This toSDMore than ten hours,How to bear?Xia http://www.xiaokuifushi.cn Jian cursed a little bit angrily。Guo Meili is half lying on the sleeper,She kept fanning her cold with newspaper。
“Door closed,Take off your clothes!It’s not the same thing,What’s so embarrassing”When Guo Meili said this,Flushing,Xia Jian is not sure,Is she hot or something?。
Xia Jian pulled the shirt stuck to her body,Damn!She’s so uncomfortable,You say that the soft sleeper I pay for is not as comfortable as the hard sleeper,Where are you going to reason。Xia Jian cursed secretly,Two of them took off their shirts,Poop*Where did you sit with your upper body。
Guo Meili took a look at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Take off your pants too!You are not a fool,Do you want me to tell you”This woman said,Xia Jian gave Xia Jian a sharp look。