“what,You are up?Why don’t you sleep longer?”

Seeing Yang Shiyun sitting on the sofa again looking at the scenery outside,Qin Liang put the big bag in his hand on the table while asking。
“I will wake up naturally when I wake up,Is it impossible to stay on the bed??”
Yang Shiyun turned around,Speak softly。
“You should sleep a little longer,Sleep so late yesterday……”
Qin Liang walked over and hugged Yang Shiyun and said。
“You are so embarrassed to say?Isn’t it you I can sleep so late?”
Yang Shiyun said bitterly。
“Yes Yes Yes,Absolutely my fault,I admit,Willing to punish,I am at your disposal,Hehe……But you have to eat the meal first。”
Qin Liang pleased answer。
“What have you bought?So many big bags。”
Yang Shiyun is actually not hungry,But she must accept Qin Liang’s will,So she deliberately pretended to be slanderous and asked。
“Oh,I bought some vegetables,You should eat a lot of it。”
Qin Liang took Yang Shiyun to the table,Open all the vegetables you packed,Let Yang Shiyun look over。
“Why are they all vegetarian??No meat dishes?Are you your favorite meat??”
Yang Shiyun asked curiously。
“Oh,Don’t you like meat?,So all I buy are vegetarian,It’s ok,Who asked me to raise a big rabbit,I’ll be vegetarian with the big rabbit。”
Qin Liang said nonchalantly。