Throw it in the backyard too casual。

Just in the past,No
“Just in the house of the backyard.!I can see it when I entered the door.,It is also very prominent,There’s none?”
Su Qi rushed out。
I will put it on the door.,It should be difficult to find,How can I not see it??
His heart rose a bad feeling。
“I am going to find it.!You don’t worry!”
The grandfather of Su Su is still very calm.,I heard Su Qiang said so.,It is not calm in an instant.。
The son of your own is not clear.,This is certain that there is something wrong.。
“I look at it.!Take a look~”
Yeather’s self saying。
“I am placing here.!Remember clear!”
Su Qiang went to place something yesterday.。
Empty,Take the trace of the bag at all
“Didn’t you see it??”
Grandpa Sui strive to calm himself。
The more you can’t panic this time.。
“Go to other places to find,Maybe it is wrong place.,This yard is so big.!Edge angle,Also found!”
Trend Suqiang,Grande, I’m rushing to the forward yard.,
“I went to see it.,Old two you find careful points,Don’t miss it?。”
“father,I know!”
Su Qiang feels that I hope I hope very much.,I am clearly in that piece.。
The backyard is actually a little big.,After reading the two laps。
The family also knows the important use of this thing.,Not to say that it is unclear, take out and throw it.。
“Wife,Did you go to the backyard this morning??”
Obviously Su Grande also thought of this。
Grand,Even if you feel that there is a lot of possibilities,Still have to ask。In case, they have helped to accept it.!
“Why,When is the backyard??Chicken and piglets are raised in the backyard.,We don’t go in,Where is the food??”
Su Milk is inexplicable,Is this obvious thing to ask??Still a serious face!
“I don’t mean this.,Did you see the bag of the second bun in the old two last night??”
Y Grande secretly“Pooh”A sound。
It’s too unclear that you express it.,Should go straight to theme。
At the moment, it is not a seven miles.。
“Not visible!I don’t even know anything.,Not the old two??How to ask me to ask me??”
Su Grandma seems to have suddenly realized what,
“Old man,You wait.!Boss,Old couple。You have been to the hospital today.,Have you seen it??Is it giving it up??”
Zhouli just pulled the girl coming out,Listening to the dialogue of Su Yupi Su Grandma。
“Isn’t it included in the house??We haven’t sent it today.!The eating of pig scorpion is cooked yesterday.,Just heat。”