originally planned to release an album in a while,See this situation,What are you hesitating?,Hurry up!

then《Super star》This album,Quickly appeared on the three major music websites,Appeared in the record shop。
To increase sales,9The little girls started three days ago,Started a nationwide tour and promotion。
This is what they have done often in the past two years,Although very tired,But I have gradually gotten used to it。
Expect them20Day will run20Cities,do40Various propaganda,Such super strength,Make Shen Huan wonder if they can persist。
But this is related to their first album,It’s a formal beginning of their music making,Of course the nine little girls can only insist。
They don’t want to be considered by others,I can only sing one or two songs,Just bounce around。
only,These girls face Shen Huan,But I’m used to acting like a baby。
I started telling Shen Huan about his hard work before setting off.,Hope to get comfort from Shen Huan。
Shen Huan remembered the private kitchen he was making,And readily agreed,When they return to Huajing,Just make them a table of delicious food to reward them。
Hear this guarantee,The nine little girls hung up the phone with a smile。
Shen Huan guarding the master to install the fish tank,I remembered these nine girls,Unconsciously shook his head and smiled。
At the same time, he warned himself,When they came,Must choose another time,Can’t let the school.Miss Hua found。