The tall man put the amulet in his pocket,Go to work。

Arrived inou,While the head is sleeping,This tall and small man really found Lao Liu,Let him find a way to connect it to him,Old Liu looked at the thin red string,Has long been dyed black by soot,Those corroded by sweat are not strong anymore,He looked around,Found a waste wire,Draw a thin red thread from it,Take out the three small copper wires from the thin wire again,On that small oval wooden block,Tie the tall guy directly around his neck,And it’s a dead button,Note while talking:“This is plastic,solid,No matter how much you sweat,It’s not bad, it’s not bad,Never stop。”
It’s just that Lao Liu didn’t expect,This amulet,But failed to bless the tall man from escaping the clutches of death……
Peng Changyi heard this question:“Did you make a transcript??”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“I can’t do this?Say again,I asked Mrs. Liu to ask on her behalf,But I quietly recorded the sound of Liu’s wife。”
“Ok,Do you know where the tall and small people are from Sichuan??”Peng Changyi asked again。
“Lao Liu said,There should be records on the mine。”
Peng Changyi hummed,Said:“I’m afraid that all records are gone。”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“Yes,So many corpses can wipe out the trail,Don’t talk about a paper record?”
“cockroach。”Peng Changyi said suddenly:“Found an unknown corpse,Do you want to claim it??”
Peng Changyi told Chu Xiaoqiang to say:“Then expand the scope of claim,Write as much information as possible about each corpse, such as physical characteristics,Go to the provincial newspaper、Big newspaper,Even go to the Sichuan newspaper。”
“Needle in a Haystack,Difficult,Then a big Sichuan province,Is that the local police find someone,And still dead,All too difficult,Don’t say we are in a different place。”Chu Xiaoqiang’s face was embarrassed。
“that’s true,cockroach,I read,I have to listen to the foreman。In addition,It is possible to investigate among all the miners if there are any fellows with high winds,as far as I know,They come out to work,Will never be alone,Most of the time。”
“The foreman is very worried now,He repeatedly told his wife to contact me less,Less contact with small sinuses。”
“His wife told Xiao Dou,And said Xiao Dou is my spy,I suspect,He must have been intimidated。”
“Intimidation,Because he is a local,And got our attention,So he is still alive,otherwise,I guess he is dead long ago。”
Peng Changyi said here,Chu Xiaoqiang raised his fist,Beat his thigh hard。
day,It’s dark already,They have driven out of Panshan Road,Entered the plain,There is a wide and flat asphalt road ahead,At a fork in the road,Goodbye Chu Xiaoqiang and Peng Changyi,Got out of the car,Peng Changyi watched him raise the ID in his hand,After successfully catching a large truck,They continued to drive forward。