Bai Kainan plagiarized the Talk Show Conference paragraph?Xiaoguo Culture says it is collating evidence

Bai Kainan plagiarized the “Talk Show Conference” paragraph?Xiaoguo Culture says it is collating evidence
In the “Happy Comedy Man 6” aired on the evening of March 1, Bai Kainan became the first top ten player to be eliminated.Then some netizens said that part of the content of the show “Variety of the Variety” performed by Bai Kainan is very similar to Zhang Boyang’s paragraph in the “Talk Show Conference 2” broadcast in 2019.On the evening of March 1st, Xiaoguo Culture, the production company of “Talk Show Conference”, published a comparison video of two performances on Weibo, and sent a text directly pointing at Bai Kainan’s plagiarism.Xiaoguo Culture tweeted that Bai Kainan plagiarized.The picture comes from the screenshot of Zhang Boyang’s performance.The picture comes from the network Xiaoguo said that original ability is one of the most valued abilities in the comedy industry. “We believe that comedy from the heart is the most real and most touching comedy. Countless peers take this as an example.There is no need to talk about the difficulties and hardships of creating and polishing your own works, and the act of plagiarism is the biggest harm to other original creators.”And said that it will protect rights in accordance with the law, protect the original, and pursue the legal responsibility of plagiarism.” Regarding the current situation of rights protection, the staff of Xiaoguo Culture found out to Sauna and Yewang that they are currently collating evidence and communicating with legal affairs to confirm the responsible party.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing