Chen Linzhi’s leisure time,Don’t forget to take a quantity of girls with strict girls,In fact, he just talks with the Global Music Company.,Probability enters the guest background,Meet those who are soon to meet with those singers,But he thinks there is nothing necessary,Take more。

When you can’t get some circle,Ergently want to squeeze,After the strength is really enough,In fact, it’s just。 If Chen Linzhi is not successful,It is likely to choose to sing、Use script … Read More

Ouyang Ding、Ouyang Dang Brothers,Before being killed by them,Make the fraud to the Turtle Mountain——Originally they are not so easy to believe,But the two brothers have a tacit understanding.,During the death, the fake news of Turtles。

As for why Bai Xian is also together? N’t why,The nickname of the white heart is“Dosage is unfavorable”,What else needs?? Six big evil people present,He is the most unmerged heart.,But … Read More