Then continue。

“Bang bang bang……” Got several punches,Gan Yifan’s eye circles are swollen,There is blood on the corners of the mouth,But he was not just beaten,Wu Heng was also punched in the … Read More

Lu Xiaojin fiercely kicked the doctor’s qualification certificate torn on the ground,Cold voice:“as far as I know,You are from a technical school,Haven’t learned any medical knowledge at all,Your doctor’s qualification is definitely not normal!From now on,I deprive you of your right to be a doctor in the name of the Ministry of Health,From now on if you dare to see a doctor,I immediately ask someone to arrest you!”

Mo Xiaosheng’s face is calm,Staring coldly at Lu Xiaojin,No more words。 “I wait for the day you come to beg me!” Lu Xiaojin saw Mo Xiaosheng’s slumped expression,Suddenly feel refreshed,Little … Read More

Maureen is chatting with several anchors in the practice room,One of them spoke:“Boss,Your idea is good,But it’s a bit difficult to implement。The girl said she planned to leave the circle,This is just a hypothesis,Did not implement。And the contracts behind such artists are usually complicated。”

Maureen has firm eyes,His facial features are already profound,More charming when serious:“Her company is obviously going to abandon her,Otherwise, she won’t have a chance to tell her plan to leave … Read More