Murong Shan said with an awkward smile,She didn’t answer Shen Ruoxi’s question positively,Just consider him,Answered a few speciously,But it is also tantamount to acquiescing to what Shen Ruoxi said,This is equivalent to maintaining Shen Ruoxi’s face。

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Fang Yourong, who had difficulty traveling among the crowds in the hypermarket, was aggrieved。Hypermarkets always choose to make big sales during foreign festivals,Thoughts on taking advantage of Chinese people,Can these foreign festivals not be paid attention to by Chinese people?。

“Don’t sigh。Don’t want to take advantage,What are you doing here,”Xu Yi, who regretted running over, pushed Fang Yourong:“Since it’s here to take advantage, don’t talk coldly,Don’t think how noble you … Read More