Swallow answered immediately。

“what?Isn’t it!So drag!Amazing Liu Xiaoyun!” Qin Liang was overjoyed this time! “That’s right,Who is our Xiaoyun??That’s the female middle school Zhuge,Ha ha……”Yanzi also praised Liu Xiaoyun by the way,Although this … Read More

Yes,This is before Baby Ou goes out,The annunciator Wei Zi gave her。Very advanced,very useful,Will not be detected or blocked,But only one chance to activate。Baby Ou for so many days,Have been suffering from discomfort,Take it well。She thought she wouldn’t need it,But now.

but,If you don’t have this half denture,There won’t be so many wounds in her mouth。When she woke up, she complained secretly,right now,Only fortunate that she didn’t pull it off and … Read More

Shen Ruoxue snorted。

“of course,Mainly to see Xiaoxue。” Qin Liang immediately added…… “cut。” Shen Ruoxue snorted again。 “Over,It seems Xiaoxue is not in a very beautiful mood now,Otherwise I’ll go first,I’ll come again … Read More