Wenwen feels sorry,After all, she just heard Huang Meiying’s words,Remembering that Wang Yuan called herself just now,Just said:“Ding Yi,You make sense,He called me just now,I’ll go report to him first,I will ignore him when he comes back。”Talking,Wiped tears and ran downstairs。

From Wenwen’s eager footsteps,Ding Yi heard how deeply she loved Wang Yuan,I can’t help but look down at the photo in my hand again,Thought,Where is this woman,Both women are disturbed,But … Read More

Shen Ruoxi said frankly。

“Row……You can do it,Can’t do it。” Qin Liang immediately persuaded,He suddenly found,Shen Ruoxi didn’t know when she became so violent!She was not like this before!Before most of the time,She is … Read More

“I certainly don’t think so。This word is now derogatory。”Yuze went on to say,“Because I watched you grow up,That’s why I know how sensitive and rich your feelings are,You are a person who is easily touched。and,You are also good at seeing anyone,On anything,Things that ordinary people can’t see,Most of these things are still positive flashes。”

“But on the issue of humanitarianism,It is difficult to maintain a stable and fixed standard and judgment。”Yuze drinks water,“How to be rational and calm,Will be touched by something,This is because … Read More

In this city-level team adjustment,Still leave a suspense,That’s the job of the head of organization,Temporarily by Wang Jiadong,So will the future head of the organization come from within Kangzhou or will the Jinan Municipal Party Committee send cadres??This has become a topic of speculation。

It turned out that Lu Hui, who Jiang Fan predicted, failed to take the position,It is still possible。 After all the dust settles,Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are sitting together … Read More

“What I want to say is the good news that can solve your current predicament!”The agent said cheerfully on the phone,“The tone of the flashing star club is a little loose……Opportunity here,Xinjie!”

“Yo,They promised our numbers?”Listen to this,Fang Xinjie really came to the spirit。 “Is not,They said that the specific annual salary can be discussed……” “Hi,That’s it?I thought they agreed……”Fang Xinjie is … Read More