Yes,Why?Peng Changyi couldn’t tell,He doesn’t want to talk to Shen Fang too much,Know that Shen Fang’s mouth is broken,Just said:“You can go,But then you listen to me,If Yuan Xiaoyan also goes out with you,You remember me,Don’t be alone with her,Don’t drink the water she gave,Don’t eat what she gave,Everything she gave you,You are not allowed,Even if each person has one,You don’t have to。and also,Don’t talk to her,She asked you not to say anything,If you can’t,Don’t go out at all,I would rather take time off to accompany you to the United Nations,And firmly forbid you to go out with them!”Peng Changyi stared and said。

Shen Fang has never seen her husband so serious,Just say:“what happened?Is this woman so bad?I just met her,And didn’t say a few words。” Peng Changyi told Shen Fang somehow,I can’t … Read More

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