Looking at Mo Xiaosheng’s profile,Seeing the intense energy in his piercing eyes,Luo Yilin’s heart seemed to be hit hard by something,I can’t help but remember the time they used to be together,Mo Xiaosheng at that time,He looks so meticulous every time he does things,Eyes seem to glow。

But he thought she forgot him,No one knows that her heart has already thought of him。 She stood quietly beside Mo Xiaosheng,Unspeakable satisfaction,Can’t help thinking,If time can stay here,Not a … Read More


Thank you for your recent tips、Monthly pass、Recommendations and other support。 I didn’t lie,This book subscription is really bad,But thinking there is still a leader,Have a head,Many friends support,I am still … Read More

Lu Xiaojin fiercely kicked the doctor’s qualification certificate torn on the ground,Cold voice:“as far as I know,You are from a technical school,Haven’t learned any medical knowledge at all,Your doctor’s qualification is definitely not normal!From now on,I deprive you of your right to be a doctor in the name of the Ministry of Health,From now on if you dare to see a doctor,I immediately ask someone to arrest you!”

Mo Xiaosheng’s face is calm,Staring coldly at Lu Xiaojin,No more words。 “I wait for the day you come to beg me!” Lu Xiaojin saw Mo Xiaosheng’s slumped expression,Suddenly feel refreshed,Little … Read More

Merchants’ pursuit of political status is always Chinese characteristics,Hu Xueyan back then reflected the businessman’s knot,China’s current institutional structure is also a trend。Guan Hao said with a smile:“Cousin,The life you portray is so beautiful。Maybe,You can think about personal issues at an appropriate time……”

Before he finishes,Li Wei raised his hand to stop him from speaking:“I had this idea when I was young,Old now,It’s already dusty and frozen。I just have Doudou。”There is a trace … Read More