And in the classroom,They are no longer afraid of the wind and sun,No need to rain anymore, I eagerly put the basin at my feet to catch water,And there are two classrooms equipped with pianos、Computers are something that children in the city have,The first time they went in,Touching these things is a little afraid of breaking。

The dormitory is even more useful,It would be very hard for them to come to school sooner or later,Now has a dormitory,They can come over on Monday morning,Go home on … Read More

Shen Ruoxue snorted。

“of course,Mainly to see Xiaoxue。” Qin Liang immediately added…… “cut。” Shen Ruoxue snorted again。 “Over,It seems Xiaoxue is not in a very beautiful mood now,Otherwise I’ll go first,I’ll come again … Read More

“I certainly don’t think so。This word is now derogatory。”Yuze went on to say,“Because I watched you grow up,That’s why I know how sensitive and rich your feelings are,You are a person who is easily touched。and,You are also good at seeing anyone,On anything,Things that ordinary people can’t see,Most of these things are still positive flashes。”

“But on the issue of humanitarianism,It is difficult to maintain a stable and fixed standard and judgment。”Yuze drinks water,“How to be rational and calm,Will be touched by something,This is because … Read More