Then continue。

“Bang bang bang……” Got several punches,Gan Yifan’s eye circles are swollen,There is blood on the corners of the mouth,But he was not just beaten,Wu Heng was also punched in the … Read More

Yes,This is before Baby Ou goes out,The annunciator Wei Zi gave her。Very advanced,very useful,Will not be detected or blocked,But only one chance to activate。Baby Ou for so many days,Have been suffering from discomfort,Take it well。She thought she wouldn’t need it,But now.

but,If you don’t have this half denture,There won’t be so many wounds in her mouth。When she woke up, she complained secretly,right now,Only fortunate that she didn’t pull it off and … Read More

In this city-level team adjustment,Still leave a suspense,That’s the job of the head of organization,Temporarily by Wang Jiadong,So will the future head of the organization come from within Kangzhou or will the Jinan Municipal Party Committee send cadres??This has become a topic of speculation。

It turned out that Lu Hui, who Jiang Fan predicted, failed to take the position,It is still possible。 After all the dust settles,Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are sitting together … Read More