How to protect the skin in hazy days


How to protect the skin in hazy days

Facial cleansing is the key in haze days. In haze weather, more dust is deposited, and the skin is more prone to acne, and pores are blocked, which is prone to bacterial inflammation.

When you return home, you should pay attention to immediately cleaning the skin of the exposed area, especially the makeup MM. Dust, dust and cosmetics will quickly block the pores, so makeup removal is especially critical at this time. See below for some tips for skin cleaning on hazy days.Right!

  Tip 1: There is a sunscreen in the makeup remover cream, and there will be colored powder, so you must use the same methods as makeup removal.

For general sunscreen type cream, you can use a non-foaming facial cleanser. If you feel that your skin is too oily after washing, you can use a foam facial cleanser to wash it again. For foundation type cream, it is best to replace the cleaning oil and cleansing cream to remove makeup.

Make sure to clean it thoroughly, otherwise the barrier cream will affect the normal function of the skin just like the makeup.

  Tips2: Cleansing products Cleansing products can wash away most of the particles on the skin surface.

In the choice of cleansing products, the dry and cold seasons that are frequent in haze days should be mainly moisturizing. Pay attention to avoid using matte cleansing products, which may cause damage to the skin surface.

Excessive cleansing can also damage the skin’s protective barrier.

  Tips3: Many people are using cold water or hot water, who can better remove the dirt and dirty things in the pores but not only!

Generally, warm water at a temperature of about 40 °, which is slightly higher than the human body temperature, is the most suitable. This can ensure that the pores are fully opened without damaging the skin’s natural moisture retention.

  Tips4: In addition to the water temperature, clean methods are also very important!

Many MMs feel that they must be cleaned many times, and they must rub hard when washing their faces to thoroughly clean.

In fact, that is very wrong!

After the skin pores are opened with warm water, rub it gently with your fingertips in a circular motion. Stay in the place where blackheads and other acne easily occur for 10-20 seconds, and take targeted care daily to avoid harmful effects in the haze.Residues of substances in the skin.

  Tips5: Cleansing instrument recently popular high-tech cleansing instrument, which can penetrate deep inside the pores to remove dirt, is definitely born at the historic moment of the haze!

When choosing a cleansing device, you must check and feel whether the bristles are thin enough and gentle enough, and whether the clusters are separated neatly and reasonably. At the same time, you should choose a face brush with fast and slow adjustment. When using, you can use the fast brush.The foam comes and cleans slowly, so as not to irritate the skin with too high vibration frequency.

  Tighten and moisturize a day that can not be less haze, a lot of pollution particles and microorganisms, these substances attach to the skin, causing the metabolic cycle of the skin to be affected, the problem of enlarged pores is more obvious, and the skin will become more and more dry, so it is firmerShrinking pores and moisturizing are indispensable!

Pour a lotion with astringent moisturizing effect on the cotton pad, soak the entire cotton pad.

Wet the jaws for both dry and loose pores for 10 minutes.

The effect is very obvious!

  The maintenance of haze days is definitely less moisturizing water, it is best to match the most popular double-layer coating method.

The first layer is selected as a refreshing type with strong penetrating power and feels like water. The small-molecule flakes can directly reach the inner layer of hydration; the second layer replaces the moisturizing type that can stay on the skin surface and assists subsequent skin care products on the skin surface.Forms a water-locking layer, which has better moisturizing effect and can effectively refine pores!

  It is a very important step in applying skin care to the mask.

It is best to ingest a mask containing nutrients such as ceramide and natural betaine. When applying the mask, the sebum film formed on the skin surface can inhibit the evaporation of moisture inside the skin, can regulate the moisture and elasticity of the skin surface, and the metabolites inside the skin.I can follow it.

Obviously, even in haze days, you can’t apply the mask every day. It is enough to increase the haze days to two days!