Star,Push the door and walk in,The hair is still in the hair。

Qingdao Deer took the first to fried hair:“you、What do you mean?,What is me alone?,Can’t satisfy,Seem to”Apassimanasa!”
I really don’t know how to say it.,Qingdao Lu sacrifice forgets the extension of the Sichuan flavor。
I didn’t expect white dreams to react to this story of the star.,She returned to the shoulders of the Shao Palace.,Solemnly:“quick!I want special training,I want to fight side by side.!”
“When your cheerlead!People, a bunch of professional players,Guan you a diet http://www.bjmusicvalley.cnindustry6Mao!”
The star has suddenly made a knife:“Do not,Because the former president hasn’t played chess for this long time,Now killing only5。”
The old blood of the white dream paved on tatami。
“forward”,“Die5”,Sentenceful,Obviously this is just in the school,Currently reading a high school girl,Already fully held the attacker。
At this time, the main battle,How is the white dream to dry the star??
Koi Loui with juice,Be calm。
The star is also safe in a vacancy.,Take the dining plate to the baking tray。
Because of her body and a variety of jobs,So everyone will be late.,Therefore, there is not much in the meaning of this matter.。
“correct,Respected”Kohong is about to ask questions about the work of the gave。 I don’t know this.,This is the decision of the family。”Star Quick answer。
This tone,Sure enough, the father’s relationship is not good.。
“Besides,senior,After waiting for the end of dinner,Can you accompany me??”Star color suddenly asked。
Chapter 58 · The old man also wants to be blended
night,Moonlight and cold rain wet the street。
A group of people came to the chess museum that came last time。
“You”The clerk looked at the whole family mobilized.。
You are going to play mahjong.!
wrong,This is six people,The mahjong table is not enough.。
“This is really coming to play.,About two hours of private room,Dessert,We have just eaten。”Kohuan looked back at an eye,I also feel a little explanation.。
This is what this is understandable to,He took a group of beautiful girls to open a house?
Cough,Of course I can’t,Chess,Can you be called open??uh-huh?
“Down、Play chess,Please ask here.。”Haha, haha,Elliptures。
Do you have a flying chess?!
Before sitting in the chessboard,The star is also sitting down.,Two people sitting。
Atmosphere is still dignified。