“Several people are not the capital people,It is often not working in Beijing.,I may not be familiar with Beijing,Rare,Today I will go back to the direction,Take everyone to see the nightlife of the four nineteen city。”

Fan Daofei is the local people in Beijing,The land is very familiar,It is very good to communicate,Mutual introduction,Smile and greeted everyone out of the door。
Several people drive,Fan Fei finger a signboard in front,Laugh:“Arrived,right here。”
Wang traffic looks up and looks at the signboard:jjdis。
Song Chengzhi and others are also watching,Fang Wei and Shen Yu are flashing on the face.,靳 骁 is probably the night driver,A little disappointed:
“I am a good place.,It’s a half-day.。”
Fan Dynasty:“Disco,But this is not an ordinary disco,It is the earliest of the city in Beijing.,94Opened in the year,I have already opened a long ten years.,It can be said,The past few years old Di Hall can prevail,It accounts for half a credit。
When the first time,A ticket50,weekend80,I have a holiday.,Directly rising one or two hundred,That is a nine years,One hundred pieces of wages for ordinary people a month,Just try to go in,That is not a general fire。”
Wang flows up,Heart or the city will play people.,I dare to sell one or two hundred tickets.,And still nine years,He tiles on the construction site in the construction site to earn ten dollars.,With him, move one month,It is also enough for Zhang Tail.。
Fang Wei、Shen Yan Xuan two people have become more interest。
靳 骁 also hooked some interest,Steady:“Is it so powerful??”
“That is not。”Fan fly,Then the voice one turn:“However, the Great Wall Hotel opened at home.,Then, the Chaoyang Park also opened a stone.,Other places will also openbanana、hoeWaiting for several discovers,AllocatejjA lot of traffic,It has gradually fallen here.。
But people are still a lot,That is, no one is lined up.,Want to know the nightlife of Jingcheng,Come here to be right。”
Side,Several people also came to the door,It is exactly the weekend,Tickets are probably price increase,A person two hundred,They have a total of six people,It’s a thousand two,It is also a lot of things.。
But a few people are not bad.,I don’t care.,Fan Daofei directly bought the ticket,Then I entered the door with everyone.。
Sure enough, if you said,Inside people are really a lot,This is just arrived in the evening.,The inside is already crowded,There are hundreds of less, I have to have a few hundred.,Sitting drinking,Or in the dance floor with a strong dance,Match the dim light,And a cool light,Visual effect is very explosive。
The king is worth a four weeks.,The first impression is big,Although he doesn’t like the disco、Nightclub this noisy place,But it is usually necessary to pay too much,Did Hall also didn’t go,But so big,He is really ahead。
靳 骁 is also a burst of science:“Trough,so many people,Place is also big,This has to have thousands of flat.?”
“more than,I have to double again,Nearly two thousand flat,The first big discounger in Beijing,You are a white called?Most peak,Here you can accommodate thousands of people at the same time,Now……That is, the small scene is。”Fan Dynasty。
NS352chapter Financial crocodile
The king saw a surrounded by the head,A little bit of nose,This is still a small scene,What is the bigger??
Is the magical dance??
But if it is as good as Fan Daofei,In the peak period, if you really have thousands of people at the same time.,Now this scene,Indeed enough。
Song Chengzhi:“Can drive such a big shop in Beijing,The boss here is definitely not ordinary people.?”
“Of course。”Fan Dynasty flying mouth,Then the mysterious road:“According to rumors,The boss here,Very likely to be Tang Wanxin,Do you know who Don New Do you know??”
Fang Wei、Shen Yi Xuan and Yan Wei shook his head Qi Qi,Then I didn’t think about my heart.,I hear the mystery of the DPRK,This Tang Wan Xin wants must be a big 佬,Six people,It is the most close to the king,Maybe he knows?
Look at me?,I do not know either……The king is depressed,He mixed is not bad.,But always stayed in Nanhua,He doesn’t know much http://www.guohuogou.cn from the world outside.。
Song Chengzhi suddenly:“Tang Wanxin……Is it a Durong Group that Tang Wanxin??”
“Be right,it’s him。”Fan Dynasty。
靳 靳:“how,Is this Tang Wanxin very cattle??”
Fan flew shakes his head。
靳 骁 当,Just ready to spit,Just listen to the fan of the fan:“What is the cattle,That is not a general cow,Delong Group,Light Holdings listed companies have three。
Deheng Securities、Zhongfu Securities、Jinxin Trust,Holdings have more than ten financial institutions,Securities company,To city bank,Another insurance company,Almost all of the financial industries covers,Involuntary companies、The penetrated industry is even more。
The big bull market should know in the first two years.?At that time, the most fierce technology,However, it has also risen more than 100%.,But Delong Holdings Three companies,Two http://www.daogd.cn years,Directly rose one percent,Among them, the earliest Shenyang alloy,It is more directly to one hundred%.。