Noon,Shen Mange ushered in an unexpected guest,Ai Chen。

“Ai Chen,How could it be you?”Shen Mange thought Ai Chen would come to find her,But I didn’t expect it would be this time。
“General manager,Do not,General Manager Shen,I came to ask you something。”Ai Chen’s voice is very small,Looks a little guilty。
“It’s Lolo’s business!Don’t ask me,Lolo thing,I do not know anything,These things,Only let her tell you。”Shen Mange thought about it carefully,The time when I went out to relax,Lolo is watching the company,Two people during that time,Something happened,otherwise,Nor in front of Lolo,Lift up Ai Chen,Lolo’s reaction is a bit strange。
“Mr. Shen,How would you know?”Ai Chen did not expect,Shen Mange actually knew,Then like this,Did Lolo tell her about the two people?。
“My guess,But Lolo didn’t tell me anything,What do you want to ask me,I don’t even know,And even if i know,Won’t tell you。”Shen Mange said coldly。
“One more thing,After i left,Between you and lolo,So what happened,Why do you guys……”Shen Mange has always wanted to know these things between two people。
“This……we……”Ai Chen looked at Shen Mange embarrassedly。
“what?You say you treat her……Ai Chen,How can you do this,do you know,Lolo three years ago,She is still a child!”Shen Mange listened to them,Can’t help looking at Ai Chen angrily。
“Sorry。”Ai Chen lowered his head。
“sister,I’m ready,Fast efficiency。”Shen Luoluo came to Shen Group,Push in directly。
result,At the moment when I saw a lot of difference,She froze。
“Lolo,you……How did you come?”Shen Mange did not expect,This girl came here this morning,That place is so far,There is no need to run like this again。
“Of course,Not just me here,Two more people came too,Are waiting at home,Such a big thing,How can we not come,correct,I’m ready,You can take time off and go home in the afternoon。”Shen Luoluo came over,Climbing on the shoulders of Shen Mange,Brothers say good。
“What are you doing here?Shen Group does not welcome you。”Shen Luoluo said rudely。
“Lolo,He came to me to talk about some company affairs,It is a cooperation between Shen Group and Su Group。”Shen Mange relief road。
“That’s it,sister,Are you still cooperating with the Su Group?”Shen Luoluo’s words,Full of mockery。