How to make children quit Internet addiction?

How to make children quit Internet addiction?

The Foshan Women’s Federation antique “dialogue with children’s mind — into the online world, build students’ oasis of mind” parent-child forum, parents and students and experts together to discuss how to treat the problem of Internet addiction.

There were about 200 teachers and students in Zhangye Elementary School. Psychologists and teachers participated in the discussion.

  Axiong is a 5th grade student in Zhangye Elementary School. Since he became hooked on the Internet last year, he has spent every Saturday in an Internet cafe.

“When that time comes, I can’t help walking to the Internet cafes. I don’t want to go.

Pointing out his distress, Ah Hung couldn’t help leaving tears.

Axiong said that since he became obsessed with the Internet, he has often been dizzy and his eyesight has declined.

  Through the presentations of the students, many parents realized the great harm of “Internet addiction” for the first time.

Through the guidance of the host, they carefully asked the children to find out the best way to get rid of Internet addiction by understanding their Internet habits and reasons.

  Psychologist Pan Yanhua said that parents also have a certain responsibility for the reason why students are hooked on the Internet.

Many children do not want to do anything other than chat on QQ and play online games. This is related to improper family education methods and the poor relationship between parents and children.

He suggested that parents should not always deny the role of the Internet, but should communicate with their children to create a warm family structure in order to fundamentally help children quit Internet addiction.