6 age women’s favorite spots

6 age women’s favorite spots

To whiten, you must say “goodbye” to the spots.

Because of the physiological characteristics of women, it is easier to develop spots at certain ages, so it is very important to understand the cause of spots and pay attention to preventing and controlling the formation of spots.


hzh {display: none; }  青春期  女性到了青春期,由于皮脂腺分泌旺盛,好长“青春痘”,“青春痘”平息后很容易在局部留下“痘痕”,医学上叫“炎症后色素沉着”。The spots are caused by local infection and inflammation that stimulate melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis to overproduce and secrete melanin.

Therefore, in the acute attack period of “acne”, anti-inflammatory should be eliminated, the condition should be controlled quickly, and at the same time avoid squeezing to effectively reduce the occurrence of “acne marks”.

  Women in their twenties and thirties are working hard in the workplace. If they are in a bad mood, lack of long-term sleep, high mental stress, excessive fatigue and neurological dysfunction, decreased adrenal sebum function will also cause skin pigmentation.

Therefore, it is very important to adjust your mindset, combine work with rest, and cultivate good habits.

  Women during pregnancy are susceptible to chloasma.

Melasma, also called liver plaque, is the most common pigmented skin disease in women.

It is easy to have two toes and crotch, different shades.

Chloasma in pregnant women may be related to the activation of a series of complex physiological processes after elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body, which often disappear after delivery.


hzh {display: none; }  过了40岁,接近更年期,卵巢机能逐渐衰退,女性激素分泌不足,女性也有可能出现黄褐斑。You can follow the doctor’s advice to add some estrogen and progesterone, which can treat melasma and delay skin aging.

  In addition, menopause is the age at which the female genitals (ovaries or uterus) are benign and the malignant tumors are prone to occur. These diseases may cause melasma to appear quietly.

Therefore, the sudden increase of melasma in the face of middle-aged women must not be taken lightly. Gynecological and pelvic B-ultrasounds should be performed in time to rule out the possibility of tumors.

  In the old age, most women will develop age spots in their twilight years. This is a normal response to skin aging and is also related to family inheritance.

Some people have senile plaques protruding from the surface of the skin, also known as senile moles. Freezing with liquid nitrogen is the best way to get rid of them, which is safe, effective and less painful.