Although it feels absurd,But he doesn’t doubt the words of Xia Jiu.。

what is the reason?
Xia Jiuqian,having three,First,Just like a house,Floodly,Spatial structure is unstable;second,Cave virtual strengths every gas machine,Will speed up this process;third,Also the most important,This world is as much as a source of vitality.,So you can’t correct and fix yourself。
Merely,She laughed,In fact,These three points are also listening to others.,Among them,I still don’t quite understand。
Summer silence。
Continuous silence。
Rao is that he has experienced all kinds of big winds.,I have read all kinds of wonders.,I have some Mixqi experience.……I can rose to the world at the end of the world.,Always think there is an absurd illusion。
Xia Jiu hit him,I am afraid that you have a good thing to respect this trick.,I am afraid that you have had a narrow dream experience.,Still feeling incredible,It is difficult to accept,It is also difficult to believe,right。
Summer looks up,Want to say。
Xia Jiuwei,In fact, I am not strong than you.,I first learned this news.,I will not believe it all.,even……What about the end of the world?,What about me?!
This is the Xia Jiuwei!
Be unhappy,More men surpassing the world,A sword,Break everything。
Only live in life,Take the flood of me after death!
Interrogate,Her voice continues。
But I finally,Still trying to believe a little,Ten years to confirm。
She looks straight to the summer,now,Hatred for me,Actually, what is nothing?,Soil、Wang Temple,They are broken with the world,What did it?,I care more,How can I solve this?,Not how much I am?,But……I hope you,There is also Liu Qingqing,The grandchildren who have never born can live。
Summer shape,Heart god,Hard to。
Hear me out。
Xia Jiuwei,Interrupted him,Self-ridieving,I am just an ordinary person.,How can I have a savior?,But some things,Maybe it’s really a destiny.……
Merely,She is deeply spit out of a breath,so,Xiao Tian,I need your help。
You say,What to do!
No one is hesitant in the summer。
Don’t worry,I will tell you slowly.。
Xia Jiu quiet suddenly smiled,No need to be so heavy,Unnecessary,Our mother is just a chess party.,Another savior。
Toned,Swift,and,You are not curious,Who is it told me??
Of course curious。
In summer,Summer,How can it easily listen to others?。
The so-called end of the world,In her eyes,More like a joke。
Wait this time after returning from Turosman,I will take you to see him.。
What seems to be thought of,Summer Nine capping hooks a wipeless smile,Shake your head,I have experienced the ten years.,More bizarre and fantasy than you……
Merely,She glances,Slightly confused,Continue,This matter is temporarily not mentioned with anyone.,Even if you say,Others are also difficult to believe。
I know。 Summer is extremely solemn。