Dryness-Nourishing Yin and Qi

Dryness-Nourishing Yin and Qi

It is autumn and the weather is cool.

But easy to dry mouth, nose bleeding.

Too many people feel that the nasal cavity is as dry as a flue and accidentally bleeds; the throat is also itchy and coughs frequently, and sometimes there is a small amount of mucus and sputum, but it is always coughing; the lips are cracked when they touch, and they drink with painAll are difficult, which is what Qiuzao often says in Chinese medicine.

  Traditional Chinese medicine summarizes the natural climate change as “four o’clock” and “six qi”.

“Dry” is the main theme of autumn.

The effects of “Qiuzao” on the human body are mainly due to the hot and dry weather, high temperature, low relative humidity and dry air, which causes the upper respiratory tract mucosa and the surface of the skin to evaporate and lose more easily.

  Dryness is one of the six kinks. In the autumn where the wind is dry, dryness causes people to get sick, often called “autumn dryness”.

Dryness is a disease. Fever and chills and headaches appear on the injured fur. Invasive symptoms include symptoms of dry mouth, nose, throat, and paroxysmal dry cough.

Qiuzao often hurts the lungs and causes cough, which is called “Qiuzao Cough Syndrome”.

The common syndrome types are “coolness and dryness” and “warmness and dryness”, and the treatment is different.

  Dryness and dryness, easily damaging fluids, dryness from the mouth and nose, the lungs are delicate, and the most likely to hurt the lungs.

There are often cool dryness and warm dryness.

  The main clinical manifestations of warm dryness are fever, mild aversion to cold, headache, less sweat, thirst, dryness of mouth, nose, lips, and throat, dry cough with less sputum, upset, dry, bitter yellow tongue, and floating pulse.

The clinical manifestations of coolness and dryness are chills, no sweat, slight head pain, thin cough and sputum, not very thirsty mouth, dry nasopharynx, white and dry tongue, and astringent pulse strings.

  After the beginning of autumn, the weather is getting colder and the climate is drier.

After sweating excessively in summer, people’s body tissues are insufficiently hydrated, so dry skin, dry nose, dry lips, headache, sore throat, dry cough, hot hands and feet, dry stool, and other symptoms of autumn dryness.

To prevent Qiuzao, we should first coordinate from many aspects such as mental conditioning, diet adjustment and strengthening exercise.

  Autumn is easy to cause injury fluid, so apply some Shengjin Yangyin, nourishing the lungs and phlegm.

  In the autumn, the air is dry and the humidity is low, and people are prone to symptoms such as dry throat and cough, which is caused by dryness and injury to the lungs.

At this time, you should eat spicy and spicy foods, such as spring onions, ginger, chili, pepper, to prevent Xin Wen from helping heat, aggravating the symptoms of lung fever.

According to the Chinese medicine Wuxing Shengke, the lungs are gold, the liver is wood, and Jinwangneng wood can damage the liver wood.

Therefore, you should eat sour food properly. “Acid into the liver” can strengthen the liver and prevent lung qi from being too much, causing damage to the liver.

Sour food can astringent liver qi and protect the liver, but it should not be excessive, because many sour foods, such as vinegar, plum and so on, can irritate the stomach and cause gastric ulcers and gastritis.

It’s cold in autumn, the temperature drops, and the spleen and stomach are not enough for yang. If you eat more fruits and vegetables of the cold nature, it will naturally worsen the situation, leading to abdominal pain and diarrhea due to weak yang.

As far as the five elements are concerned, liver-growth is the spleen and soil, while soil does not produce gold, the lungs are injured, which is not good for autumn health.

Therefore, do not eat too cold food in autumn to protect anemia and kidneys.

Moderate drinking is an essential maintenance measure for moisturizing and preventing dryness in autumn.

Drinking water is essential.

It is better to drink a small amount of frequency. It is not advisable to drink excessively. Drinking a large amount of water at one time will increase the burden of supplementation and cause substitution. Only a small amount of slow drink can make the mouth, nose, throat, throat, esophagus, and even the trachea play.Moisturizing effect.

  The onset of “Qiuzao” for nourishing yin and nourishing qi is the key.

Nourishing yin can prevent lung dryness, and nourishing qi can warm the lungs, so you should eat yam, lily, white fungus, trotters, lotus seeds, coriander, pear, wolfberry and other foods in autumn.