Morning wash, pay attention to the sprain of the waist

Morning wash, pay attention to the sprain of the waist

In the morning, the washing and squatting prevention induces “waist” in the outpatient department. Patients with low back pain often occupy a large proportion, and many patients are often troubled by the long-term treatment of low back pain.

The old TCM health network reminds the majority of friends to pay attention to maintaining the correct posture during the usual housework, which can help prevent the occurrence of low back pain.

  In the morning, I noticed that the sprains in the waist often have a lot of patients with low back pain. They complain that their low back pain is caused by washing up or brushing their teeth after getting up in the morning.

  This is because, after a night’s sleep, the soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules become stiff and unable to move flexibly.

At this time, if you immediately wash your face and brush your teeth in a posture of bending up and hips, the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc and the load on the joint capsule will increase, which will be a predisposing factor caused by lumbar disc herniation.

In order to avoid lumbar disc herniation during brushing and washing, first of all, after awakening, slightly move the waist, do stretching, rotate left and right, stretch and stretch, so that the waist does not immediately shift from a relatively static state.Go to an action that increases the waist load, but the most important thing is to pay attention to the posture when washing your face.

  The correct posture should be that the knees are slightly bent down, and then bent forward, which can reduce the pressure on the lower lumbar disc on the extension line, and can reduce the load on the lumbar facet joints and joint capsules and ligaments.

In addition, the position of the washbasin should not be placed too low to avoid the load on the waist due to excessive bending of the lumbar spine.

  Bending your waist to be careful is a very common kind of movement in daily life and work, but often because someone does not pay attention to this small movement, bending over the paper, coins or other small items that fall on the ground, will not pay attention to the posture.Suddenly caused low back pain.

Therefore, you must pay attention to a certain posture when you bend over and pick up objects.

  In the case of no flexion or less flexion of the buttocks and knee joints, the weight of the lumbar spine is increased, which may cause strain on the joint capsule, muscles and ligaments, thereby increasing the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc, which may cause a “flash waist”.Severe cases even cause lumbar disc herniation.

  The correct bending posture is: first flex the lumbar joints and knee joints, and then bend down to pick up things.

Since the body has been fully flexed and bent, the center of gravity of the body is moved down. At this time, the waist is only slightly flexed, and the object can be picked up. The waist does not feel painful, and the bending and picking action is easily accomplished.

  Doing housework also to prevent spinal diseases The kitchen has always been the “main battlefield” for housework.

Since the kitchens of many families are currently small and the height of kitchen utensils is not reasonable, it is often caused by low-position pain when choosing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and rice.

For example, people often need to work over the bow in front of the pool. Because the waist is strengthened, it will cause low back pain. Once the height of the pool is unreasonable, especially if the pool is too low, it is easier to increase the burden on the waist.

  In order to alleviate the burden on the waist when people work in the kitchen, some small measures can be taken in the following aspects: 1.

If the pool is too low, you can adjust the height by washing some things in the pool when you wash the rice. Or prepare a low stool and put one foot on it to make the knee work in a flexed state. This can avoidThe bending of the waist reduces the burden on the waist.


When choosing a dish, it is best to do it on a highly suitable countertop; or sit on a stool of the right height instead of the excessive flexion of the waist.